Let’s start with some basic introduction about routers:

router is a networking device that forwards data packets from one network to another. It is a device that joins networks together and routes traffic between them.

If you are looking for Asus router setup assistance then you are at the right place as we are going to tell you everything you need to know about your Asus router, Asus router setup IP address.

ASUS is a well-known name in the market which provides different products including laptops, cell phones, networking equipments, tablets and WIFI routers. Asus routers are famous for their high performance and a fast speed. Most of its router are Dual Band and provides speed up to 1Gbps. The Gigabit Ethernet Ports makes it one of the fastest and most reliable routers. Asus routers are very easy to install and even a novice can perform the setup process.

There are different types of routers manufactured by Asus. Most of the routers made by Asus are dual-band routers and have the best specifications:

Asus Router Setup

The setup process of all the Asus routers is same, so we are providing you general guide to set up the Asus router. You can use the same instruction to setup almost every model of Asus Wireless Router.

By following the below steps you can easily execute ASUS router setup.

By following all the above steps you have successfully configured your router and it should be fully functioning but if you are not able to successfully configure your router then feel free to call us on our toll free number.

How to access Asus router settings?

The most common question asked by the Asus router’s users is ‘how to access Asus router settings’ so we have come up with an answer to that.

Note: The default username and password which you use to log in the router settings page are not the SSID and password you connect wirelessly to the router.

Both the default username and password of your Asus router are ‘admin’.

It is easy to set up your ASUS router simply by following the above mentioned steps. If you have any query or any problem in executing the above steps, call us on our toll free number or you can chat with us on the chat window.

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